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Part No:MGGEN-6231


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Bosch Qik Stop brake pads are premium manufactured using non-asbestos organic materials. They contain lower levels of abrasive metal, compared to metallic or semi-metallic alternatives. This lower level of metal content will result in reduced levels of wear to your vehicles brake discs, which are much more expensive to replace. Bosch Qik Stop brake pads offer good and solid all round braking performance. They provide excellent pedal feel regardless of hot or cold braking conditions. Compared to competitors in the same class Bosch Qik Stop brake pads offer: Excellent consistency in braking performance Good noise suppression Excellent comfort characteristics Very low levels of dust Extensive range of vehicle applications Excellent value for money Bosch brake pads are produced using premium quality materials and modern manufacturing technology and are designed to provide maximum safety under all driving conditions. Whether they are fitted to mum's car or a taxi rushing around all day, their performance and long life means that Bosch brake pads offer excellent value for money while providing maximum braking safety at all times.